Vikingmast business idea is to produce flagpoles and glassfibre mast for the building industry as well as comunication and infrastucture customers  and other customers all over the globe. To maintain the best quality of our products and to meet required leadtimes have Vikingmast the following  General Policy.


Vikingmast is following all regulations and laws of the individual countries where the production , storage or distribution is taking place. We prevent accidents and dangerous work by following health and safety regulation regulary.

Vikingmast is committed to having a supplier base that more closely reflects the diversity of our customers and our productions teqniques .Partnering with suppliers who provide an wide spectra of ideas in addition to delivering  raw material and services selected from 40 years experience of producing mast and poles in reinforced glassfiber. 


Vikingmast  is commited to ansver all qoutations from customer, correspond with all authorities and supplier  in due time with correct information needed from time to time. 


All employees should have proven education for each work task issued.Vikingmast should offer education if such skill is essential for the employeds skill to fullfill the work.

Vikingmast is also dedicated offer employment to ethnic minority and women when opportunities aproach. 

Records and reports

Vikingmast should hold records of production and products at all time. Reports to authorities and customer should be issued at demand.